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What People Say
About Taste of Old Country

  What People Say About Taste of Old Country What People Say About Taste of Old Country What People Say About Taste of Old Country

What People Say About Taste of Old Country

Fabulous small restaurant/store. Owner was very helpful explaining the food choices and describing the beer selections. You can also try several wines, but we were interested in the beer. So many flavors of olive oil and balsamic vinegar that can also be sampled. We bought a bottle balsamic vinegar infused with vanilla and fig. Delicious! There is good reason for all of the positive reviews. This is a gem. Don't miss it.
Linda Ferguson 15 reviews · 4 photos ·a month ago Google Review
If you really want an to enjoy yourself and learn and taste and be treated with kindness, go to this place! They hardly exist anymore with the world of fast food and food chains. You have a lovely lunch and getting to know the amazing and owner of this very authentic place. The vinegars are to die for not to mention the oils. The cucumber white balsamic is beyond just a vinegar in my opinion. It goes on everything! Salad and steamed and/or raw veggies. I have been ordering online from the owner during the pandemic and whenever I called on the phone he was so kind and you could tell he cared deeply about his business. Sorry, it's just so unusual in this day and age. Today we decided to take the 40 minute car ride and nearly spent the whole after noon there. What a delight!!! I don't leave reviews a lot. I just don't but this place and this man deserves it. Thank you so much!!
Cynthia Paul 2 reviews · 2 months ago Google Review
I just found out this really cute spot in Manassas (it is almost hidden from the outside), but when you open the door you will find little great surprises. I came for the gourmet sandwiches but then realized they have a variety of artesan olive oils and Balsamics vinegars. That was a great! You can have a meal, coffee, a glass of wine, with a good background music even if you are in a hurry. It is not crowded, so you can feel comfortable. And, the prices are incredibly better that a fast food meal, but you will get real food and great service. If you are near by...I truly recommend you stop at this cozy place.
Mariday Bottier Local Guide · 24 reviews · 151 photos · 6 months ago Google Review
This place lives up to its name. First off you feel like you are in the old country enjoying a nice relaxing meal. We came here because my wife just had a baby and we wanted something relaxed to take a break. This reminded us of our visit to my cousins in Sicily. Not only was it a relaxed experience but we tried everything we could and all was amazing. My pictures don't do it justice but I wanted to share a little glimpse. We tried 2 great wines. Several cheese and meats, Spantikopita, multiple olive oils and balsamics, in addition we decided to get a couple of gift baskets for some friends who have done a lot of great help in these early days of parenthood. As a traveler I loved this place in my backyard.
Brandon Berryhill Local Guide · 19 reviews · 16 photos · 11 months ago Google Review
I was planning a surprise Birthday party for my wife and decided to use Taste of Old Country for catering (so glad I did). Elias was great to work with from the start and helped me in selecting the right food options. What really a stood out to me, was his concern for preserving the great quality of his food since the food would be sitting around before the bday girl arrived. He made some suggestions and helped me implement them, and let me tell you, his food was a hit by all and we would certainly use them again and again! Been eating leftovers all week and the food is still really good! Great job to Elias and his staff!!!!
C K 1 review · 5 months ago Yelp Reviews
This is one of those reviews that I'm going to hate myself later forgiving. Why do you ask? Because the more people who discover this place, the harder it is going to be to get a reservation.
We died with Elias last night, thanks to a last-minute reservation that I am so grateful I grabbed. From the moment we walked in until the second we left, the experience was perfect! Great assortment of wine and beer, delicious appetizers and a mega Charcuterie board that will blow you away. The olive oil's, the vinegars, all of the special touches that made this meal absolutely delicious. I would kill for more of the tzatziki and the hummus is off the charts.
I'm embarrassed to admit we also had a dessert board and are still raving about the walnut cake this morning.
You'll love the intimacy of this place, the attentive service and, of course, the authentic dishes.
Lori S. Manassas, VA · 5/8/2021 Yelp Reviews
Absolutely amazing! The paninis are delicious. Have you ever had a panini that with every bit was crunchy and the ingredients inside taste so fresh and made with love. A+++ they got me hooked.
Mary S. Woodbridge, VA · 9/20/2021 Yelp Reviews
Taste of Old Country is my new favorite locale. I purchased the 4 bottles/EVOO and Balsamic Combo (Tuscan Herb and Greek Seasoning EVOO and Thick Dark and Champagne Balsamic).
Today I made a homemade salad for my father and I told him that he would be amazed by the flavor of the EVOO and balsamic vinegar. I used the Thick Dark Balsamic and Greek Seasoning EVOO. There's no need for other ingredients in a salad dressing! As you can see in the photo, my dad loved it and couldn't stop raving about how delicious his salad tasted.
Taste of Old Country has another very satisfied customer! Can't wait to to go back, enjoy the atmosphere and try more of their goodies.
Malu P. Rockville, MD · 2/9/2021 Yelp Reviews
Elias, the owner, was really helpful in helping me plan a birthday for a special someone. We ordered charcuterie and lots of specialty beers and had a blast. The charcuterie was soooo good and the price amazing---we both ate til we were full and there was still cheese and meats left on the charcuterie board. Would definitely recommend getting this! Plus Elias was attentive and really welcoming, and my special someone really loved it 🙂
The place is unassuming on the outside but really quaint and charming on the inside. Thank you Elias again! (I've already bought the olive oils and balsamic vinegars which were so good!)
Hae Jean K. Houston, TX · 3/8/2021 Yelp Reviews
Elias is a true professional who is passionate about his craft. This place is a delicacy, and an absolute must for a relaxed and tasty experience. It's a small spot, with a very European feel. Elias welcomed us at the door, and was very personable. Despite being the only working there at the time, the food was timely, delicious, and Elias provided outstanding hospitality--he checked on us regularly and ensured we were constantly comfortable. There's maybe 6 tables, so reservations are recommended. Highly highly recommended!
Zac W. Terrebonne, OR · 9/5/2021 Yelp Reviews